Club Milstones- 2011 The Hurling Wall

The Hurling Wall - Indispensable Aid to Hurling Development

The building of a Hurling Wall is really a natural outcome of our desire to improve hurling standards through Skill Development. Many great players had their own wall and some used handball alleys to hone their skills prior to big games. Some continue to use the wall just for the sheer pleasure of it. The new style wall will allow a whole squad to come together and test their skills against each other under the guidance of their coach. Those who have used a Hurling Wall are in no doubt that it will revolutionise hurling and increase enjoyment for everyone.


  • To facilitate squad training
  • To allow Players take an active role in their own development
  • To enable Coaches to manage skill development in a positive environment
  • To allow the wall to become the tecaher
  • To remove negative effects of bad ground and poor lighting (October - March) Paudie Butler